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615-823-7681 • P.O. Box 100306 Nashville TN 37224
Chi Chapter of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority is a sisterhood of distinguished, congenial business and professional women offering opportunities for community service, networking and leadership development to civic-minded women in and around the Nashville area.
248-352-6837 • 25582 Saint James Southfield MI 48075
And so it was that eleven women met in 1942 and decided to begin an organization to serve the needs of African American business and professional women, to create a place and space where women of color could connect, express and share.......
865-924-1068 • P.O. Box 50953 Knoxville TN 37950
The Tennessee Charter Chapter for Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, THE premier sisterhood organization for civic-minded African American business and professional women.
1329 Green Street Linwood PA 19061
Largest retailer of African-American fraternity, sorority, Masonic and OES paraphernalia.

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