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Build Your Own Site at AABL
  • No technical skills are required to build a comprehensive web site with all the tools we use at AABL.
  • Make a comprehensive site for your business, church, school or organization.
  • Need help? One of our representatives can help you build a professional, custom site quickly using our inexpensive Quick Start Package.
  • Maintain content yourself, right from your desktop - no new hardware, software or "webmaster" is needed - or let our team manage your site inexpensively.
  • All sites include a listing in our directory plus automated search-engine placement tools to get you noticed!
Service starts at under $2 per day for a comprehensive web package with professional monitoring and oversight; includes online editing and all hosting and technical support. Content support is extra. Sound expensive? Compare it to
  • the overnight disappearance of your "free/cheap" provider
  • the aggravation of waiting to have someone else update your content
  • the cost of constantly starting over as low-cost providers disappoint you

About those 'free' sites...

Why risk your business future on a "free" or "bargain" web site?

AABL and its affiliates offer proven, easy to use web content management, with sites you can edit right in your browser.

We are now in our thirteenth year of service to the African American community! In that time we've seen scores of bargain site-based links disappear from our directory.

Free? No. Powerful and adaptable? Of course.
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Use browser-based editing to make a good site in a few minutes and a great site in a few hours or days.