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734-332-9228 • 2003 Norfolk Street Ann Arbor MI 48103
Astute Advance offers contemporary styled products including audio-video, watches, business cases, facility-office-home furniture, telephones, exercise, gifts, promotional items, more.
904-713-0085 • 10227 New Kings Rd Jacksonville FL 32219
'We're available when you need us!'
404-362-4812 • P.o. Box 1256 Ellenwood GA 30297
WE Do It Right Because You Deserve It
1526 S. 12th St. Wilmington NC 28401
Telephone Services For Your Home.
888-237-3414 • 1417 E Samuel Avenue Peoria Heights IL 61616
Quality and affordable home and garden decor for your home. Product line has been extended to include small appliances and home electronics.
410-728-4681 • 3210 Gwynns Falls Pkwy Baltimore MD 21216
Stylish landscaping services and organic seedlings.
301-860-1920 • 15480 Annapolis Rd Suite 210 Bowie MD 20715
We install carpet, ceramic, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring. We also refinish hardwood flooring.

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