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Interests I am helping AABL as a beta tester on the new member profiles. AABL could be a great resource. Let's all help build it. Because it's not a voice of giant corporations it could really help communities and small businesses.
Here's a cool idea for ladies with fashionable natural African hair and a yen to swim. Thanks to JGC for the pointer.
7389 26 May 2017 LINK
Better nutrition and community connections. Check out Garden of Eden Urban Farming in the Puget Sound area.
7179 18 Jun 2015 LINK
Here's a worthwhile project benefitting children in Uganda. They could use a little help from you. See their recent budget appeal via Indiegogo.
893 16 Oct 2013 LINK
If you're in the NYC area, visit the Ugandart show at Empire State College in Manhattan thru 1/29/12.
579 14 Dec 2011
Check out, a consortium of Ugandan artists hosted by our provider, Clark Internet Publishing
256 20 Nov 2009 Link
Just had a fine "chat" on line with my 17 month old grandson, who calls me JiJi.
137 27 Mar 2009
Data Validation Testing
I am working as an AABL beta tester, testing data validation for this form. So far, so good.
34 21 Mar 2009
This is very cool!
New member news features have been added.
31 20 Mar 2009



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