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Directory Listings

Formats. Choose a basic listing or upgrade inexpensively to a premium listing.

BASIC LISTING. Add your own listing free, or ask us to add your listing for $49. (You are here; you have the information; the right choice is obvious.) Add your listing now for any level of service; use the link at the top of any directory page, and add yourself to the most appropriate category. You will choose a login name and password, and you can update your own information via our simple online forms.

PREMIUM LISTING. Premium listings are $59 extra per year. This includes the basic listing, plus you get (1) a full page of text with one graphic to describe your goods and services; (2) larger type and a sponsor logo next to your name in directory listings and search results; (new in Summer, 2006, 3) a printable-downloadable coupon and/or a printable-downloadable copy of any of your graphic ad from other media. Coupons appear on your own page and sporadically in other locations on the site. Procedure: Create your basic listing; then write to the manager; we will ask for your requirements and upgrade your listing, usually the same or following business day.

All listings are verified before they become active. Free listings expire annually; to avoid having to re-create your listing, just upgrade to the low-priced premium service for about twenty-seven cents per day.

Banner Ads

Our banner ads bring qualified customers to your site. Because they came from AABL you know they were searching for goods and services like yours. The minimum fee for banner ads is $100.

Need a social networking site for your business or organization? Don't bother learning the esoteric details, and don't lose control to Facebook or others seeking to sell your contact data and track your 'net usage. Let us build it for you quickly, to your specification, and under your own domain. Blog(s), forum(s), photos, videos, and more. Call today!


Banner ads are available in two formats, wide and narrow, and they can contain text or a graphic. The wide format appears at the top of selected pages, and in the Sponsor position for special pages like the calendar. Narrow ads appear in columnar positions on the front page, in the main menu on the left side of pages and in the directory. Banners are grouped into "pools" containing up to 20 ads that appear randomly within the pool, with different ads appearing each time the page is refreshed (ads may repeat more or less frequently depending on the number of times the page is refreshed).

Artwork and Installation

There is a $50 installation fee (waived with a purchase of $100 or more) when you provide your own art to our specification.

Custom artwork, if required, is performed at $68 per hour (one hour minimum) either to your specification or based on your source materials (e.g., ads from other media).


Monthly Program: Your ad appears in random rotation throughout all ad locations for the contract period.
  • Wide format, random location: $30/month
  • Column format, random location: $30/month
"Guaranteed Results" Program: You make a deposit of any amount, at least $100. Your account is debited at one cent each time the ad is displayed and five cents each time the ad is clicked (linked to your site). The ad runs until the payment is exhausted; you may refill the account at any time in increments of at least $100. Views and clicks are tallied each time the ad is displayed.


Sponsorship. You can sponsor selected parts of the site. Sponsor ads appear in smaller pools with only ten ads in rotation, so your ad will appear more frequently. Fees vary by location within the site. For budgeting purposes, you may estimate the cost of a sponsorship at roughly double the cost of an ordinary ad for much higher relative frequency and visibility.

Web Sites

If your organization or company needs a site, we'll be happy to discuss your requirements. Our design team has been building quality sites since 1994. (More Information)